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Dog Groomer in Wheat Ridge, CO

Dog Groomer

We love our dogs' furry coats, but they require regular washing and trimming to remain in the best condition. The Barker Shop is a pet salon with experienced dog groomers ready to give your pet the most pampering grooming experience in Wheat Ridge, CO.

We do more than just clip a few tufts of fur. We’ll give your dog the full dog grooming treatment, washing, brushing and clipping the fur until he or she looks like the best in show! We offer fast and safe dog nail clipping services as well. Your dog will look and feel better if you hire our professional pet grooming service. We also provide specialty dog shampoo for any dogs with dry, itchy skin or flea problems. Our dog flea bath will rid your pet of any unwanted pests hiding out in their fur.

If you prefer to wash your own beloved pet, but don't want to deal with all the mess at home, we offer self serve dog wash facilities. You can use our spacious tubs and quality shampoo and conditioners to thoroughly wash your dog without having to worry about the dirt and fur getting everywhere in your home.

For the best professional pet grooming services in Wheat Ridge, CO, call The Barker Shop now!

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