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Dog Flea Bath


If you notice that your dog is constantly scratching themselves, they may have a flea problem. Fleas can be sneaky, persistent pests that are difficult to get rid of without proper dog grooming. The Barker Shop specializes in a dog flea bath that will thoroughly remove all of the pests from your dog's fur and help prevent future flea problems.

Our pet grooming services aim to provide your dog with the best care he or she needs in order to maintain their good hygiene. We will use specialty dog shampoo to kill the fleas and their eggs. Our experienced dog groomers know the best methods to gently remove and prevent any fleas on your dog in the future.

If you suspect that your dog might be infected with fleas, don’t hesitate to get him or her checked out by a pet groomer before the infestation gets worse. Bring your furry friend to our affordable dog salon for outstanding grooming and bathing services here in Wheat Ridge, CO.